Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Legit or Legit?

I woke up this morning still feeling like I had fought the Civil War and lost. Still, I grabbed my massive actress bag, got on the train with the suits, and went to experience my daily dose of professional rejection.
Yesterday had been super long, but everyone auditioning had been so nice. It also helps when it's something you've been looked at for before. Making it thru cuts is encouraging. Today was the singers call for the nonunion tour of Beauty and the Beast. Due to actually having a paid job tom during the dance call, I couldn't make the dance call. I figured it couldn't hurt to just go to the singers call. I don't really have a syrupy, poppy Disney voice, but why not?
It was a zoo. They were tons of wide eyed girls from far away thinking that would get cast on their first New York audition. News flash: all brunette girls have been told by their mothers that they would make a good Belle. (I was told by my father I would make a good tavern wench. But I'm a special case.) They looked so wide eyed and hopeful with their high school photos and improperly sized and unstapled resumes. They were blessed with a super sweet and super tiny monitor who kindly showed them where the paper cutter and stapler were.
Amongst this mess, I was number 237 after showing up a little after 9 for a 10 start. But then there was a two list problem, and 60 more people went in front of me.
They wanted 8 bars. Which is about the time it would take to go in the room, moon the auditors, and exit. Being hopefull it would go quickly, I stayed. I should gone and run errands. Or just drunk coffee to pretentiously jazzy selections of music at any of the five hundred nearby coffeeshops. (I like jazz, but it is whiskey drinking music. When will coffee be accompanies by the Clash or other such upbeat musicians? Rock that cappucino!)
So, I sang a little before 3. The protein bar diet was not working for me, and 8 bars was probably a good thing. I sang my standard uptempo quirky belt song. Big belt off your face fun.
The notice had said legitmate theatre, which can have two different conotations: non pop or head voice. Last time I was asked for legitimate musical theatre, I head voiced. "Well, we really just wanted to hear you belt." Ensue debacle with switching from singing very high to hardcore chesting everything. Amazingly, they still wanted to see me dance and then sing again afterwards, and I was able to redeem my belt. They hired Rockette height girls instead of 5'4" little me anyways, but I felt redeemed.
Today's legit was supposed to be head voice. Whoops. The girls in front of me floated on pretty little songs. I Ethel Mermaned that shit. (Apologies to my grandma for the swearing)
The auditor's faces were pretty funny. I am not sure if it was horror or just being awakened after so many hours of sweet Susie sopranos. Either way, they will remember me. Even if they never let me near Beauty and the Beast again. If I am going to make a mistake or fall on my rather large bottom, I would rather they be great big ones than little ones. Today was a big one.
I am not going to let it phase me. I will be up before dawn tom riding public transit with the construction workers (6am is the witching hour for manly workboots in the subway). Once I finally reach CT, I will put in a hard days work as a 60's background vampire, and thank God I don't work in an office. For as Sean Connery knows "you only live twice." Or so they say. :)

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