Friday, October 14, 2011

Plaid Cigarette Pants Are SEXY!!!!!

So I had my fitting for Pan Am today. It was out at the Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, and getting there was an adventure!
We've had days of rain and steaming haze. (Much too hot and much too humid for October!) Often when there is lots of rain, you get power outages. When you get power outages in the right spots, electric trains don't run.
That's what happened this morning.
They re routed us to Hoboken to take the PATH trains. Which I've never taken. I had two options-33rd St bound train which I knew was right next to Penn or the World Trade Center bound train. Ok.
I knew exactly where I would be getting off the 33rd St train, but not only was it round about, it was also comedically full. In addition to the abundance of suits spilling over, there was also an abundance of comic Con-esque dressed young men. Not who I wanted to be squashed in with.
So I took the other train. It ended up being the shorter and less crowded way. I didn't get lost, and I was there 25 minutes early! Boo yah New Jersey Transit! I was taking care of business.
My fitting went well. I din't have much in my own closet that fit what they were looking for, so I am only wearing my litle black cardi and gold button earrings. From their awesome stock of clothes, I am wearing a white sleeveless turtleneckish sweater, brown flats, brown purse, and the peice de resistance-navy blue and yellow plaid, wool, high waisted, cigarette pants. I was a little bit worried at first, but the pants grew on me. They're really awesome in a crazy 60's sort of way. I can't wait to wear them again!
There are twenty odd shows filming in New York right now. Which is a whole lot compared to the recent past. Walking to the rooms for Pan Am, I passed the stages, work rooms, offices, and cast rooms for Boardwalk Empire and Damages. I felt like such a sad litle fan girl, in awe of so much awesomeness. Boardwalk Empire.....sigh.
I then met my mom's bud Patty and her daughter for lunch in Manhattan. Small world, their other lunch guest was a girl I had danced with in high school. Crazy!
I left with a big "care package" from my mom. Lots of coffee and other important goodies (halloween candy!) were in the bag. I treked it all back home before the constant haze of the past few days became rain again. The roomie is making cheesecake spice cupcakes and watching Bones obsessively. I am quite content. Happy fall to all! :)

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