Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irish In The Best Way Possible

So yesterday for lack of something better to do, I went to a Wiz call. Nothing else was going on. So why not?
The production team was all black with a concept for the show. (Anyone with a college theatre degree hears the word concept and groans. I def did.) It was post Katrina New Orleans and all about being black. Needless to say, they cut me. I'm used to being the whitest girl in the room, just not by that much. Free class and a side of awkwardness.
Rock of Ages non union tour this morning. They started off by telling us they weren't actually hiring. And that they wouldn't consider anyone who was dressed. Though they did keep people who were covered. Hmmmm. Well. I went in a bra, bootie shorts, and fishnets. No job, but kudos to myself to working it out amongst the skinny minnies.
Kiling time before I go sing for another audition. Titanic. I'm great with period white people shows. Irish steerage passengers? Wait, that was my family.
The Starbucks at 54th and B'way is my favorite in the city. The staff is always awesome. The music is usually jamming. And you're still close enough to Times Square that people watching can be really funny. Tourists make my day. (The old lady at the payphone in a polka dot cardigan and black canvas Indiana Jones-esque hat is quickly becoming my new hero.)
This week is pretty hopping, which is good. I'm just trying to make as many calls as I can. I'm working at a hospital benefit on Sunday. I'm a cigarette girl at a speakeasy, and we are getting raided by the Keystone copes. Cheesey? Yes. I would like some Velveeta with my cheese whiz. Then it's back to Houston where I will hit up three different family Thanksgivings. My family likes to party. Especially if there is food and booze involved. We are Irish in the best way possible. :)