Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mazel Tov! Or Making Money

I drove into midtown yesterday. There is a reason no one drives into midtown. It sucks.
I started off with construction in Jersey. Led to backup in Manhattan. Batman filming made getting over the bridge to Queens hellish. I had the company choreographer in the car along with several other dancers. The guys are both superchill. They took being stuck in traffic the only way you can around here- with weary resignation. It is what it is.
The odd mix of aggressive and passive driving actually makes sense in the city. It's almost a collaborative effort in driving. Certainly less frustrating than rush hour in downtown Houston. The driving is aggressive, but in a give and take sort of way. New York City would be much more frightening to drive thru if they all drove like Texans. Of course, Texans would not jaywalk as much as New Yorkers. But if you go by stereptypes, they would also have guns. Traffic violence Tejas style.
Even though the driving to and from was not an easy gig, the gig itself was very easy. The Bar Mitzvah boy had mild asbergers that he had channeled into instruments. He did some pretty impressive guitar, drums, and piano playing with the band. Which was also awesome because the dance floor became a concert floor. With everybody watching and not dancing, less work for us!
The moms were having a great time and dancing up a storm, which made our job so much easier. Our boss even cut our number because the dance floor was going strong and she didn't want to stop it. We flashmobbed it instead.
One long roundabout drive home, after inching thru the Holland Tunnel and taking detours (I would rather have paid the toll and gotten home earlier. Or really, I would rather Chezzam had paid the toll), I finally made it home around 230 am. I had been gone for 12 hours. I made it in and out of midtown twice, made some money, and scared a bunch of young Jewish boys by asking them to dance. Not a bad day at all. :)

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