Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Not Model-y

Open call for Jersey boys. They were totally looking for girls who were model/music video-esque. I worked it, but knew I was getting cut. Oh well. It could always be worse.
I have to mind myself when they keep nothing but giraffey girls that there are jobs when they are out and I am in. We all have our time and season. And we make do until it comes along.
As a friend of mine said recently "You dance at bar mitzvahs....I play at bar mitzvah services." I worked with her years ago in Houston when I did Big River. She pulled me in for a few auditions in Houston, and she is super chill and awesome to work with. She is back in New York and working on the recording of a new musical. She asked to come sing for it. So of course, I said yes. It won't be a lot of money, but that is fine. It is work that I want to be doing. And she was so much fun to work with. Silver lining to my not a model cloud. Goodbye tall girls. Rockin the average height. And working it out.

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