Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Update

I went to a singer's call yesterday morning with a new song. The holding room was empty and they took me right away. I sang my cut. The response. "That was very sweet." I don't expect to hear from them and I don't plan on using that song again. Oh well. Ballads and I just don't seem to get a long. Maybe I just need to find an even goofier one.
I spent the rest of the day wandering about with different groups of people. By the end of the night, Stacey and I ended up with tickets to Lysistrata Jones. Which was fabulous. Go see it. You will laugh really hard. And it has glitter cannons. Cheapest student tickets I've ever had for a musical (25 with all the fees). Plus, we were in box seats. Sweet!
Entertaining calls for background this week include Pan Am stewardess with the following measurements 32A- 24- 35. To put this in perspective, I wear an xs and a 2 or a 4. This woman would make me look fat. Another fun call was for Olivia Wilde's latest project. They are looking for the "hotest" women in New York. And they misspelled it twice in the notice. :o
Work is dry right now. No parties for next week. Not that much filming (and they like to film when I want to hit up an audition). I did really well in November, and I thought December would be even better. Dame fortune is fickle and jealous of my fierce shoes. But I do have cash coming in later in the month for a New Year's Eve party. It'll be tight, but all right. (Yes, I meant to rhyme that. I am a dork)
I'm debating a new hairstyle again. I seem to do this every so often. For a huge chunk of my life, I kept the same long, stick straight, 70s esque hairstyle. Then I got antsy about life and my sweet, nice girl hair in college. As a freshman, I cut my own hair. It could have been worse. Kay fixed it and I wore a medium length, Meg Ryan esque, shaggy cut for a couple of years.
Next change- I added copper highlights. Fun, but I couldn't wear quite as many ridiculous colors and the dye has a mind of its own. It stayed fairly copper (my hair naturally has a lot of red in it), but it would morph to a slightly different tone everyday. Plus, it was expensive to get it dyed. (I watched friends in college do their own hair out of a box. The good, the black that was supposed to be brown, and the partial Rainbow Brite. Whoops. No thank you!)
Enter my junior year of college in which the only role I was cast in was Snow White in Into the Woods. Hurrah. Before I knew that I was getting to take choreo to ACDFA (which rocked), I had a moment of panic. I needed to change something in my life, I had my hair bobbed in Oklahoma. Woo!Ch-ch-ch-changes Mr. Bowie!
That Christmas, I told Kay to do whatever she wanted. I ended up with a shaggy pixie. I'm not sure if it was actually Mom hair, or just my own panic about the possibility of having Mom hair. I went back to the bob where I have stayed ever since.
But I'm antsy again. Do I want to go shorter again? If I do it soon, I have time for it to grow out a little bit over the holidays. Decisions. Decisions.
I love Marcella's short hair here. (She's the one in the middle)She's currently rocking a much longer doo. I like her better with the short hair.

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