Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hearing Things In Penn Station

Rehearsal for a bar mitzvah today. The casting director paired us up. He put me with Trey, who I've worked with but never danced with. We laughed as we realized he put the short character actors together. At least he put the tall character types together too. As Trey said when the hip hoppers started doing flips "character actors don't." New catchphrase! :-) Hahaha. We'll close the bar mitzvah with classic character couple duets. I'm sure it will be well appreciated. By us.
Sitting in Penn Station, I realized that I wasn't hearing Beethoven or Chopin. They were playing Rodgers and Hammerstein. "It Might As Well Be Spring." Which made me want to ditzily hum along and sashay about in a most ridiculous fashion.
So what else did I do when I headed home? I threw State Fair in on the old tube. Much to my surprise and against my recollections, the song that I had been singing all day was sung by a voice much like mine. I've very rarely heard it sung outside of the movie, and always by a more liltey soprano. Mezzo power and a super nice warmth to it. Huurah! Not saying she's an-I-desperately-want-to-play-her-character, but with a little work, it could be a nice song in my audition book. It's always worth a try!
Margy has a ton of dresses for a country farm girl. All with matching hats! This is one of my faves. I want it for myself!(I also want her perfectly coiffed hair. I think she hides hair dressers and seamstresses in that beautiful old farmhouse. )


  1. Replies
    1. This pic is post necking in the grass. The attractive man with hot hands defeated her poor hat! If you know what I mean. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

    2. i don't know....could you explain that a little more? :)

    3. Well Stephen, when woman loves a man....birds and bees....overnight train cars....and then go to Reno for a quickie divorce!