Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Musicman for Arena yesterday.I rocked the ballet combo and made it thru the first cut after my four hour wait to dance. Then I completely mucked up the jazz combo. Oh well. If it's up my alley, I can make the first few cuts. I just have to stop my ADHD min wanderings long enough to focus. I'm getting better and closer all the time. (Though I o miss dancing one combo and singing once. That was all I had to do to get hired at the smaller houses in Houston. Sometimes I even got roles that way!) The ballet combo was waltzing, something my Houston Ballet training really works for. If I could only waltz my way into jobs, I would be employed all the time! I should just add excellent schmaltzy waltzer to my resume.
Dinner at Au Bon Pain with Stacey. We discussed life and our whoopsies auditions for the day. She is working as an intern at Rattlesticks in addition to her five other jobs and classes. They do lots of new work, which she could rock. May this internship lead to better things! :)
The temperature has dropped. It is a brisk twenty degrees outside. No snow right now, but it is a possibility later on in the week. Which means I look like an eskimo. A very small, pale eskimo bundled up in an odd assortment of clothing and a pink and purple beret (more of my inheritance from my grandmother). Maybe I can bring out my other grandmother's beaver coat from the 60's. Anything to stay warm!

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