Friday, January 6, 2012

My Friday Nights Are Real Exciting

You do what you can and then hope. Singing, dancing, and reading for your life, then you move on for the wait. You never know what holes need to be filled. Everyone at the callbacks today had different strengths and different weaknesses. And we all want to go to Florida for the dreary month of February! Our swimsuits are ready to go!
Back home now. My exciting Friday night- cleaning, drinking a beer, and watching "Never So Few."
My favorite things about this movie:
1 Steve McQueen. One of my adolescent crushes. Fresh from "The Blob" and looking snazzy in uniform!
2 Charles Bronson needlessly beating people up in his undershirt. (How many movies did the costumer choose to put him in an under shirt instead of a full shirt? And he always beat people up while in his undershirt. )
3 Sinatra's goofy hat with a peacock feather in the band and his goat beard. He looks like he's in the circus, not in the army. Somehow, I'm just not feeling either one! The beard kills all drama and replaces it with giggles.
4 The insane amount of drinking that goes one. They aren't in a camp scene without multiple bottles. Drink first. Save the free world later.
5 The super melodramatic score.
6 Peter Lawford reading "Tom and Jerry" comics during dramatic foreshadowing. Yeah. He's a real he man.
7 Bad orange hair. And the thought that she would be in the red cross....yowsers!
I forgot how ridiculous this movie was. Maybe I should switch it out for one of Steve's better ones!

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