Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second Chances and Waffles Are Equally Fantastic

You don't often get second chances. Today I got one. Of a sort.
A couple of weeks ago, I bombed the second combo at an ECC. (See the above pitcure. That's about how I felt leaving the room.) Today there was a non union call for the same production. They were only looking for one specific track. And they started with that second combo. The one I spattered my brains all over the floor with two weeks ago. Huzzah!
They didn't keep me, but I redeemed myself in my eyes. The choreo still didn't feel like second nature at all, but I did it soooo much better. Plus I made more holding room friends. That is all I needed to do for my own peace of mind. Not exactly climbing Mount Rushmore, but it's the little victories that count when it is 16 degrees outside. Florida is totally calling my name right now. Anywhere warm.
The Rome and I trekked into town yesterday for brunch. It was still snowing, but the roomie brunch date called to us. Plus it counts as excercise! (Or so I tell my gym-less self.) We strayed from our usual dinner to the waffle shop. Which was super tastey. And will see us again!

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