Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Bee

I have been getting stuff done. Woo! Yesterday: new headshots and TU theatre alums night out. Both went smashingly. John Demato took some great shots. Everyone was in good spirits and froo froo drinks. Well done for a Saturday!
Today I went and registered as an extra for the Coen Brother's latest flick. I'm only going to be in town two weeks of their filming, but I sent a head shot in for kicks. Lo and behold they asked me to come in, so I did. I didn't have anything else to do!
Then I hopped a subway to get to a student film audition. Which was comedic.
1. The entire crew is Asian girls in glasses. They were very cute and nice. And had a pot of green tea on their table.
2. The character they have me reading for is Latina and in her thirties. I am Irish and in my twenties.
3. The camera wasn't looking us in the face, instead, it was to our side. Do you work for the camera or the director? Either way, one of them see your soul from your profile view. Or in my case, they see that you have junk in the trunk.
I laughed about it and headed home. Two of my fav grad students have Jan birthdays, so we celebrated with pub, cake, and My Fair Lady watching. I have my photos all switched over on my website and most of the casting sites. Only a little bit more work left to go. I can't wait to get my fresh stacks of new headshots. Hurrah!

Please hire me. I will work!

And for super quirky stuff!

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