Sunday, January 8, 2012

Supreme Curve?

So I submitted and somehow ended up on the short list for a job I knew I'd never get. It's the way of the world. Number one: I'm not really a fashion blogger. I've never thought people want to we my everyday outfits. Esp when it is blue leotard and skirt with black tights and t shirt. The next day the leotard could be red or even black! Then there is always green for those days if wild adventure....Yeah. I know I wouldn't want to read it. Number two: They asked for high fashion photos. Leaning more towards the edge of rock and roll. I have Laduca pictures from college. Headshots in kicker boots? Yeah. Not quite.
Let's just say they contacted me a few days before Christmas and I never heard from them again.So I can talk about it here!
Levi's makes pretty good jeans. I hate buying jeans, but I have a pretty trusty old pair of skinny Levis from back from before they we trendy enough that moms bought them. I dig them. I wear them a lot. Cause I have problems finding skinny jeans or jeans in general for short, Irish peasant thighs. Ideal for tilling fields and jumping like a dude, but not ideal for fashion. Especially not in the days of walking clothes hangers from Auschwitz.
So Levis has the new Curve ID system for fitting pants. The idea being that they will fit your bum and thighs perfectly if you have the right fit. Which is actually a pretty good idea in these days of figure hugging denim. My qualm with it is the names. I ended up as the curviest fit-supreme curve. For a dancer I am on the curvey side, but as far as normal people stands go, I am super trim. Supreme curve would seem to require more curve than I have, but there you go. It's a good thing Marilyn kicked it before women wore skinny jeans all the time, cause she would have no end of trouble trying to get a pair that fits if I am your curviest option.
Supremely survey or just physically fit? God only knows.

I'm not sure if it's better or worse to give pants fits arbitrary names, or to give them names that follow their fit. Maybe they should all be fabulous, amazing, kick ass, or whatever other adjectives the pants people could think of. We'd still find ways to be embarrassed about our bodies despite what they named our pants fits. It's a mental poison with every woman I know. If only we all liked our bodies....
Even though I could have used a pair of free and fabulously curvey Levis, I will not get them. Nor will I get a paycheck and make a little video for them (Reel!). But depending on how my month goes, it's semi annual sale time at Vicky's Secret. Mayhaps I could spare fifteen or twenty dollars for a pretty bra. Now that would be fabulous!
PS. I thought I published this the other night and didn't. 2 for 1 Tuesdays with my Laducas!

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