Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Week of Not Being Seen

As the Equity Chorus Calls started up with a bang this week, so did the waiting. I don't if it's fresh faces, new year's resolutions, Christmas show returnees, or an alien chorus girl invasion, but the calls this week were crazy to a new level. Mondays calls were in small studios, which magnified the zoo-ish ness of it all. It was the chorus girl version of sardines. I went to one of the two sardine calls. They didn't see us. They didn't see anyone at the Flashdance call that morning. I didn't get seen at Jesus Christ Superstar. 0 for 3 this week. Sometimes that is just how it pans out.
Having a job for two months is so nice. Open calls are really more of an academic exercise than anything, and now I really can view them as that. I don't need this job in such A Chorus Line way, so instead I can really learn from each call. A bizzare rigorous training for the weirdest business on earth. Every time you fall off your audition bike, you learn a tidbit for later.
Went to see "The Seminar" last night. I'm working on seeing some theatre before I head South. Nicely played by the tight ensemble cast. Teresa Rebeck (whose work I love) got a little bit bogged down by words. Her comedy is fast and dirty, and it could have used a little word chopping. Overall, quite well done. Spark notes version: Alan Rickman can snark with the best of them, I want her apartment, Teresa Rebeck can make chick flick cliches funny (cookie dough does solve your problems), smart girls can be hot and funny, and none of my female writer friends have rocking bodies like that. Though one of my male writer friends does have pants like that.

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