Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy Bee!

I've been quite busy! Curtains callbacks went well. I finally have a trick when they ask for acrobatic tricks. Another thing to thank to the oh so lovely and amazing Michele Lynch for! They're finishing up local callbacks, so we are waiting in New York. Beauty and the Beast continues well. The kids had their read thru and have started music rehearsals. I have massive piano scores. It's time to cut some dance break bits and being choreographing for forks! (Though most of the students declared the spoon to be their favorite utensil. I hope Belle likes soups and puddings!) My friend Claire had a lovely wedding in Austin. She had her "Tale As Old As Time"complete with a big fluffy dress and a groom with good hair and ponytail. They're children will blessed with amazing thick hair. Beautiful ceremony and a great party full of dancing! It was then back to the east coast quickly for me for more Harmony fun. Made it past the second, and then past the third cut today. It was down to about twenty girls, most of who had some hardcore broadway and touring credits. I was also about five years younger than any of the other girls. No job from it, but definitely a step in the right direction! Because I haven't been busy enough this week (note sarcasm), I decided to redo my reel. Here it is!

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