Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunny Thursday Catch Up

I've been a bad blogger lately. Auditions have been coming and going with no job offers. Callbacks but no jobs. I shouldn't feel shame, but for some odd reason I do. I wanted good news to write, since I've had a rough patch with personal stuff and tales of refusing to work for teeny salaries (150 a week is food stamp poor. No can do!). There are still auditions to come. Something will come up (it always does), and I can get back to high kicking it.I'm just spoiled rotten working as continuously as I have been. In the mean time, I have picked up a great new job to help the in between times. It's something I actually like to do! Starting the third week of April, I am taking over a part time job at Golda Och Academy for their dance and theatre teacher who is out on maternity leave. I teach on Wed and then choreograph and assistant direct their production of Beauty and the Beast. My boss is an old college friend, and if callbacks pop up during my one day of teaching, they are willing to work around it. I lucked out and am excited to get back to working a purposeful job. (Not that temping and flyering aren't the most fun in thing in the world. I like being rejected by tourists and asking wealthy drunk men at auctions if they would like to sign up for a paddle. For the auction! Mind in the gutter.)Now if only the sunshine would be matched by spring weather, I could be rocking and optimistic again. Until then, I'll just keep knitting and dreaming of sundresses, boat shoes, and swimming!

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