Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With A Smile, A Face Kick, And A Half Cassie

It's finally warm!!!!! My spirits are so much better with all of this sunshine. Busy few days. I temped all weekend (coat check fun) and then hit up the Hello Dolly tour call on Monday. I used to have this crazy Dolly track record- always called back and never booked. Now I have two Dollies I have been cut from. Oh well. After I was cut, I came back to an email from HGO's artistic director asking if I wanted to come audition for their production of Die Fledermaus set in the thirties with the dancers being ala Fred and Ginger. When one door closes....you don't book a tour with lousy pay and do something else! Got up early and headed to the newly remodeled Equity offices to dance for Forestburgh Playhouse this morning. Confession: I've never been to Equity before. Being non eq and unable to use the toilets made me mad enough that I avoided auditions there. I decided audition reciprocity should extend to the bathrooms. The call was dead. The new floors are slick! I ballsed through a mistake with a smile, a face kick, and a half Cassie (not a full Music and Mirror layout- just a small one) and got kept to sing. I was happy with how I sounded (I haven't been lately- the joys of spring allergies when you already have a voice that tends to the "pack a day" smokey timbre). I got excited. Held a note too long. Came in late on my last phrase but I sold it. Flawed but with personality! Panera with buds (what else do I do?), then onto Elf. It was "under dancing" and little things which is not my strong suit. Cut and rightly so. Overall, not a bad few days. I'm finding my stride again. Sunshine and a steady paycheck also lead to a happy Corkey! Anything with champagne and this many ruffles wins my approval!

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