Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruitcakey Grief

Grief is a funny beast. The other day I found out my uncle was in hospice. With pneumomia in his sole working lung, hope is miniscule that he will even still be there as I head down to Texas this weekend. As with my Grammy's passing, it has killed my momentum. I have to patient with myself and realize that when I am upset about stupid orlittle things. The real issue is much bigger and harder to let yourself feel. For now I'm grateful for amazing family and friends. You were all amazingly patient with me during the last fruitcake lump of grief, and I know you are there for me. You're amazing and I love you. (In lighter news my roomie just made me smile. She and the fiance are spending Sun night with him playing Pokemon and her watching and naming his game boy critters. This is a really weird version of nerdboy heaven. May all nerds be so lucky.)

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