Sunday, May 26, 2013

Towanda Goes Cockney

So this has been roller coaster weekend. Lots of craziness I haven't asked for or wanted. Trying to tip my life back t the awesome side, slowly but surely. If only the world would come with! I got an offer for a lousy/barely/covers your travel expenses and perhaps one coffee production of Oliver. The audition was Thurs and incredibly empty. Less than forty girls, mostly no equity and all with a sort of sad desperation. It went well and they offered it to me. I haggled for the first time (before signing a contract. I'm learning)and I'm waiting to hear back on if I can get two cups of coffee from my salary. So I go to check my camp job (show rehearses nights and weekends and then runs four evening shows. Would be totally doable with camp)and they give me crazy answers. From the JCC, I didn't know you were interested (despite receiving my cover letter and resume?)and then schwitzing about low enrollment at the studio down the street. Two "irm most likely Nos?" "We're having budget problems" from schools I've worked for before. Ensue my panic. Day of pacing and more talking to myself than usual. Doing lots of calculations and what ifs in my brain. I haven't received my two coffee offer yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll take it. It's good creative team full of people who work all the time. Only two weeks where I am unable to go in and flyer or some money (the first week I'm still at Golda Och) It's less of a job and more of a two weekworkation. The hours are short (relatively speaking). The world has tried me bring me down, so this a treat from me to me. It's a two week bubble bath,during which I play some bizzare let's pretend. My motto for this weekend and life in general "Towanda"! This lady will triumph. Bring it world! Though I would really appreciate a break from suckey things for a while). I'll leave with some classic Towanda feirceness!

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