Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Defarge Days

Today was a good day! I've been a rather grumpy Madame Defarge-like character in my return to New York. Angrily knitting and wishing I could poke the bright young sparkle eyed coed on spring break with my knitting needles. I went in today for Michele Lynch for Footloose in Kansas City. They don't see non union, so there was plenty of space in the holding room. Michele was lovely as always. I had fun, broke out a good sweat, and I was happy with my audition. It was amazing to see Michele again. I love dancing her choreo and she is an amazing soul. It's always nice to feellike you have a cheerleader behind the table! Due to weather, my dad's flight back from Newark was canceled, so I met him at the airport for a late lunch. It was great to see him and chat. Plus I had a really tastey lunch! It was a day full of great people and happy knitting! Things to make Michele even more awesome-she's worked with Dolly!

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