Sunday, March 3, 2013

Type Outs and Corkey Outs!

Back at it and auditioning this week. Lots of girls. Lots of short type out combos. No callbacks. When you only dance for fifteen minutes, they're assuming you can dance and looking more at your type. I've sat in a lot of holding rooms and knitted like a crazy person. Result: scarf and a turban! In other news, I'm done Roxie red tightsing. They're picking up another big "theatrical" promo (wear a tacky costume in all weather that doesn't fit bad shoes, and behave like an idiot while getting in everyone else's way) and as per usual ampped up the crazy. It's thirty degrees outside.I was never their best crazy cause I hate it. Times Square is not a stage, half these people don't speak English and think you are handing out fluers for a weird strip club. So I'm done with it. They got on my case about not being theatrical enough and that was my last straw. i am no longer in fear of running into people I know, ending up on the twitter, or in general making an unintentional mockery of what I prefer to be doing for a living. I celebrated last night by knitting a new scarf and having me some caramel delights! All in all, I am starting to get rid of my post pardem Slowboat depression. This next week is going to be crazy busy. Bring it New York!

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