Friday, June 21, 2013

Ends, Beginnings, and Pizza Limbo

With my life being the whacky upheaval the last few years have been, writing this blog has been a sort of therapy. It goes me time to think life through and write it out in a very different way than journaling. What started as a way to avoid talking about nothing but work with friends and family has become something completely different. Last night was my last night at Golda Och (Thanks to everyone there. The students and staff were all sweet and embracing to the gentile from Texas. My junior high school ladies even tried to get me married. Jewish mothers in training!) And it got me to thinking about what to do with this blog as I hop on new endings and beginnings. It's all far away from my original intent, but things grow and change on their own. Which means I'm going to keep writing. Especially right now. Until I move in August, I just have evening rehearsals and then weekend shows with Oliver. I'm in limbo, trying to enjoy my remaining time in the land of taste pizza. Then its back to enchiladas and margaritas!

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