Thursday, June 27, 2013


Life in limbo continues weird and unreliable. Much like a window A/C unit! Our hours are super weird for Oliver, and I'm struggling to adjust. Which is killing my all over productivity! I was in for the Beauty and the Beast tour this week. Was kept all the way through without booking it. Once again. It makes me wonder. After going from being kept for projects in a rooms full of super broadway divas, I still can't manage to book a non union tour? (I pretty much stopped trying this year after being drug along by Shrek, never being kept to sing for West Side, and then my multiple final callbacks for Addams Family both this year and last year.) By this time last year, I had been back in New York for a month less, and had booked three paid shows and gotten a teaching job. This year, with my sturdier resume and much improved audition skills, I have had a teaching job and am working for free (my recent extreme Tennessee Williams life means I should take it with a grain of salt, but still!). I got an email last night from HISD. They finally approved me, and all of the jobs I wanted to apply for are filled. Somehow I doubt the elementary school that started as an all black high school during segregation wants a small white girl teaching dance. I haven't heard back from any other schools or districts. Trying to get up my momentum is still hard (not as hard as it was a month ago, but baby steps!) and it is so frustrating when I keep hitting brick walls. And I'm running out of bubble bath. Thank god shower gel can also make a good bubble bath!


  1. Hey Courtney. You are not alone. Ive had multiple AMAZING callbacks this year and havent booked a thing. It's frustrating but happens to the best of us!

    Darrell T. Joe :)

  2. do you choreograph? There are a ton of small paying theaters in Houston that need good dance choreographers.