Monday, August 12, 2013

Update with B's: Blogging, Boots, Boating, Borders, and a Blue Eyed Brew

I debated stopping my blog with leaving New York, but I'm hoping I can still find interesting things to write about. I'm back in Texas. Finished off Oliver! the last weekend in July and hit the road. It was a good run with a great group of people. Some young company hiccups, but I have faith in Harbor Lights to pick it up as they grow!
(Me moonlighting as Miss Kitty. I mean, being a bawd in Oliver!) We visited family in Mechanicsville, VA and Salem, SC along the way. It was great to see them all (especially when it included a day of boating with homemade peach daiquiris)! The last day of the drive, we dropped by the Twisted Branch Aussie Ranch a great little rescue operation in east Texas. My dad had said he didn't want a new dog when the inevitable day of our 15 year old Australian Shepherd's death came along. He changed his tune when it became a reality, but my mom had already concocted a scheme for a new dog way back in June. I would get a dog that would leave with me. Now it is two dogs! (One will still leave with me) We've been able to bring Minnie home (she is currently sitting on the floor only a few feet away from me, periodically fixing me with a stare to encourage petting), but Brewski has had some health problems
(Minnie's pet me face.) A purebred mini aussie, Brewski was dumped at a shelter by his previous owners. Somewhere between the breeder and previous owners, he was never vaccinated and came down with parvo. Karen who runs the rescue nursed him through it but he has been slow to get back to good health. She is afraid that his cough could be distemper (which be the end for the poor little thing. And it is entirely preventable with a vaccination!)
(Brewski is a beautiful little guy and so horribly sweet!) Hopefully we will soon get good news for our boy. Otherwise, it's just dropping resumes and cover letters and hoofing to try and get employed. A nearby school district is last minute looking for four junior high school theatre teachers and auditions for some local theatre companies. Fingers crossed!

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