Thursday, August 22, 2013

"No. You're a Comedienne."

Life simply refuses to settle down. Working on rolling with the river and not against it, but sometimes you just want to fight it! I haven't ended up with a teaching job, so I am starting to look at how to get my certificate and flexible jobs. Already have a job hooked up through J and D. They do most of the events in Houston. They are super sweet, treat their people well, and pay better than the company I did similar work with in New York. Starting to look for more part time teaching jobs and temping and subbing to fill the checkbook when the events are slim. Then I can take a show with TUTS or whoever if I can book it! The big monkey wrench right now was caused by my grandad. My grandad is 90 years old and still lives by himself with some help coming by to clean and get him his meals. My uncle who was taking care of him passed away in May, so after he had a rough fall the other day, the question is what next? I'm up in College Station at his place with my dad as we all try to sort it out. Life is on hold in it's own way until that is figured out. So Minnie and are here for comedic relief.
(Safety first with Minnie!) On the puppy front, sweet little blue eyed Brewski fought through Parvo, but was then beaten by distemper. It was a damned shame that such a sweet dog was not only dumped at a a shelter, but he was also never vaccinated. Get your dogs vaccinated! So we have been on the hunt for another friend to be for Minnie. She is so sweet and snuggly (and amazingly obedient), but she doesn't quite know how to play. So we're hoping to get one to play with her from a now defunct rescue in Abilene (the head of the rescue's dad has cancer, and she has shut it down in order to take care of him). There are three boys left there. We're going up to visit soon and get Minnie a four legged friend. Bandit is our favorite via photos, but we're open to which ever boy Minnie likes!
(The beautiful and probably troubleful Bandit! And he has a tail!) For now, just waiting on Dr.s, nurses, insurance, and the powers that be and watching tv with Grandad. Currently watching the '36 rendition of Slowboat. I haven't seen it in a long time and it's amazing how close the Zambello version is to it! (Though we didn't have a cowbell or a moo in the melodrama!)
Cause life just keeps rolling along! (I refuse to Oscar Hammerstein phonetically spell that out!)

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  1. Good luck on the dog hunt! I hope everything goes well with your grandfather.