Friday, August 8, 2014

Fine And Dandy

So life rolls on even though I stopped blogging for a while.  I've not succeeded so far in finding a more traditional 9 to 5 job (though I did choreograph 9 to 5), but I've changed my direction. I'm not done with theatre and dance. I'm in the middle what has been more than a quarter of a year of continual full time employment in the arts in Houston, and I love it. I've been teaching with Main Street and the dance studio I grew up at, choreographing for several productions, and performing with Theatre Under the Stars. I did the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with them out at the park and will be doing Victor/Victoria with them in a few weeks. I'm not sure what is after that, but I'm working on it!
(Texas has a whorehouse and shag carpeting in it!)
In college we were all taught (by people who had never worked in either) that there was New York and L.A. and no in between. That's it for performers. It shouldn't be that way and it isn't. There are smaller communities where it is easier to find and keep steady jobs in addition to professional performance gigs. I'm never going to have a production contract, but a WCLO contract is fine by me! (I will admit, it's nice to have a little asterisk by your name. Union benefits!)
There are times when I regret leaving New York but they are fewer and fewer as time rolls on. I feel healthy and happy again. I dropped my grieving weight (I got chubby during the terminal illness and death fest. I was just drained emotionally and physically from it all). For the first time, I dated someone just to date someone. After such a rough time with my personal life, it was just nice to have someone. I never thought I would be that girl, but in an odd way, the end of it helped me get back to life and ditch that broken feeling. I went up for a NY audition for a choreographer I've worked for before and completely blew it. I knew it and she knew it. I don't miss being one girl in three thousand auditioning for three spots. I went into Whorehouse nervous about being "good enough" and that I would be that weird local that just got the contract cause they were local. I don't have those worries anymore and there are some fierce folks in Houston that I love working with them. And I'll get to do it again.
I feel good about where I'm at. I'm not on a traditional path- either with my life or my career, but I'm on the path that suits me. I'm excited about the possibilities again.
I'm not sure what this blog should be titled anymore. I only wore my granny boots for one scene in Whorehouse! And my Arikas have replaced my Laducas. Solid, flattering, and Gorgeous! What's not to love?
Aren't they pretty?
Minnie's opinion of all of this
And now some of the most fun J& D pics from the last few months...
Bad to the Bone Gala with CAPS 

 Saloon girls at a tech convention party

 Tigers at a Porsche roll out party

Flaming cupcake table at an over the top birthday party

One of many Gatsby Galas- this one was for OPAS in College Station

 Store opening complete with boa and mole

More Gatsby fun- This time in River Oaks!

How to scare high school students at a prom- flirting table

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