Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will Travel. Somewhere. Hopefully.

So here I sit, starting my 11th hour at Newark airport. Travel plans to escape have not gone well. The boss wouldn't let me leave early on Fri, then didn't pay me. Rain caused all sorts of delays and cancelations. It made it impossible to get out Fri night and Sat was impossible. So I got my poor little non revenue standby butt up before the sun and have been trying all day to get somewhere else. A diverted flight, mechanical delays, and overbookings have meant that my chances are small, but I got to get out of here! Anywhere but the tiny flourscent lit terminal in the most depressing part of Newark. Things that have kept me sane so far: 1. The early morning Air Canada crew. The pilots were one really young and one really old South Park-esque Canadians full of goofy prononuncitations getting their coffee. Then the booking crew on the ground was a Jamacian man and a hispanic woman. At 6 in the blesses AM, that's high comedy. 2. The Denverite standby who has been here long than me. Her hair is french braided into pigtails, she's carrying a backpacking backpack, not wearing any makeup, and wearing hiking shoes. While this makes sense for Denver, what on earth was she doing here? 3. A grown man eating sourpatch like a small child or a dog. 4. The Aumish family that couldn't figure out their gate. (Hint: It's one of three) 5. Derranged yuppies and soccer mom's who think their travel plans are the most important thing in the world. The yuppie in plaid pants and a turquoise polo ties the crazy soccer mom with over plucked eyebrows, pink capris, ugly sandals with bows, and a crazy look under those super high arched brows. All in all, I'm just trying to keep my sanity and my hope. I will get somewhere. Over the rainbow!

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