Thursday, August 2, 2012

Evita And My Cobbler

Took the kids to see Evita yesterday. The production was slick and opinion less which doesn't work. Weber and Rice gave enough one note writing that n entirely one note production of it. Hal Prince's staging def has an opinion of Perron. And it's not a good one. Instead dingy, dirty, backstabbing politics, this was a sleek sexy Evita. Which was boring and pointless. Plus Eva had vocal issues and some hardcore one note acting. Ricky was also miscast but given the right project, he could actually be a decent pop to Broadway transplant.
But now onto my true favorite topic: shoes. Took a visit to the cobbler during my break at work. No matter where I go, cobblers seem to all be little old men. Quite often, ethnic little old men. My cobbler in South Orange isn't super cheap, but he does beautiful work. Plus I love that he asks me in heavily accented English if I dance in the Broadway. He does shoes for the Metropolitan Opera. Hopefully, someday he will be doing work on shoes for me when someone else is paying. But for now, he's putting zips in my boots and bracing and rubberizing my silver shoes. Once I pick up a pair of taps, I will,l send him my black shoes. After all, cobblers are a dancer's best friend!

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