Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gems From a Bona Fide (Awesomely Well Deserved) Diva

I heard many stories of Francesca before she arrived. Especially coming from musical theatre, I was really excited and slightly worried of some opera diva-ness. But she's really chill and just right (and I love the scarves. Werk!). She doesn't sugarcoat and has great things to say. Plus she's keeping making me laugh. Here are some of my favorite Francesca gems. "You're an actor. Fix it." "It's like a symphony of Uggs." "It's an active song. Not a flaccid song." "Let me tell you how I feel about blackouts-I have never used blackouts in my entire career!" I'm sure more gems will occur (and have occurred when I was hopping up and down in a different room). I'm just glad I get to hear as many as I do. And I think I might rock one of my grandmother's scarves tom ala Zambello. Perhaps the leopard print one?

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