Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Tribe And Caitlin's Christmas Shiner

I have been really lucky to be where I am right now. HGO was wonderful about giving me time off, and then all the wonderful folks involved with both Showboat and the company made coming back to week amazing. My fellow swing got my back, and worked up the most amazing condolence card from cast. And there are some heavy hitting names with wonderful personal messages on that card. Lots of hugs and good thoughts. (Though Morris wins the hug contest. He's our Joe and you can't beat a hug big black manwith a delightfully low voice and a heart bigger than his body) (Though all the hugs were amazing, and I appreciated every one of them) I got thoughts from lots of folks from previous jobs. As Patrick used to say in his philosophical moments at Westchester theatre folk are a tribe. It was beyond lovely to feel supported by my tribe when I needed it. On another note, I got my first experience swinging in yesterday. A whoopsies in a lift left poor Caitlin with a Christmas shiner. I got one time to rough it through, a few notes from the marvelous, talented, and supersweet Michele Lynch, and it was off to show it to Francesca (who is a quite a character in a marvelous way. More about her later). Francesca hadn't seen the number yet. It's a new one that wasn't done in Chicago, so there was a lot riding on us. Smile and Charleston! It went well and it felt great to get in there and dance. It also felt good to roll my hamstrings out after some surprise face kicking. Happy baking everyone and stay away from the mall if you can! Kisses!

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