Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane

So I made it to Jersey just in time for Hurricane Irene. Whoop! Stocked up on food and bought some storage stuff Friday night. Target was beyond crazy. Pre storm shopping is always a joy. (Please note the sarcasm in that statement)
Today the rain started falling. We stayed in and worked on our apartment. The afternoon pilgrimage to the liquor store that seems to be a part of Jersey hurricane prep was accomplished. Our bottles of wine looked meager next to other people's stashes. Jersey plus hurricane equals a bizzare party. Down the street our drunken neighbors started shooting off fireworks. They don't really shoot in the rain. Instead they squeal and fizzle.(Thank God. Our neighborhood is full of trees and old wood houses.)
We don't have cable tv to check on the weather, but we've got internet to check up on it. Tons of people have written on my facebook wall worrying about the storm. On faebook, hurricanes seem to have the same effect that birthdays do. Now if only I had cake....
Being old people, we opened a bottle of wine and watched not one but all three of the movies Doris Day and Rock Hudson made together. Now bring on the rains and the winds! Irene ain't got nothing on Oklahoma!

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