Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Computers, Computers. I Hate You. You Stink. I Wish I Could Throw You Away in the Sink...Or Maybe Just Head to an Mmmbar instead!

I've been working on my webpage and my youtube channel. But I've been doing all my work on freeware. And trolling the internet for new freeware. And blindly trying to work new, old, and German (yes it was) freeware. In other words, I have just spent two days banging my head against the Great Wall of New Jersey (which is inevitably harder than the Great Wall of China). There's been lots of swearing and much chocolate eating, but it's almost all done. The ole' youtube channel is in great shape, and my website is almost done.
Here's the link to the youtube channel if you need help in America's favorite past time of cyber time wasting! (It's fun and the only movement it requires is that of your fingers! I recommend Lamb Chops videos as one of the best cures for the blues!) I'll put a link to the webpage when its really up and running.
I got a call from one of my college buds J today. He's moving up here in a month, but the only other person who knew of moving at that time was a younger Hanson sister. (Yes. An Mmmbop! Hanson) One of the younger Hanson boys (not one of the ones that serenaded my childhood) did a show at my alma mater with us. He was young (and home schooled) but quite nice (Blowing you a kiss if you're reading this Mac! :* ). And Hanson came to our show! (Eight year old me squealed inside. Adult me wished Daniel Craig had a younger sibling in the show instead). So, thats how J got his connection to Hanson. Now he's going to split the rent with a female Hanson. He told me he would need me as a drinking buddy. I'm down! Bars for poor people in New York City. Too bad they don't exist. We need an Mmmbar! ;-)

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  1. I like how you refer to me as "J"! haha... you can use my name, permission granted!!