Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hair: "Bangled, Tangled, Spangled, and Spaghettied!"

I want to cut my hair again.
It's been a slow week, which makes me antsy, which makes me want to alter my appearance. It's not about changing who I am. I am the same person with a bob as I was when I had a longer, shaggy do. I just didn't get compared to Meg Ryan anymore. Different personality facets and styles come out when you're done up differently.
My roommate hasn't had her hair cut since December. My long bob gasped in horror when it heard that. Since December? That's more than half a year! (Dirty hippie is never a good thing!)
I used to go a couple months between hair cuts when it was long, but now that it's short, I try and go at least once a month. And I really like going.
Admittedly, first time at a new salon is a little harrowing. When I got my hair bobbed two years ago, I was terrified. I had been debating it for months, but would I actually have the nerve to cut it all off?
After all the debating, the "short haircut" googling, and the polling of anyone who would stand still to let me ask their opinion, I finally just did it. I went to a salon I had never gone to off a friend's recommendation without an appointment on a Friday afternoon after class and before the show I was teching. In I walked, clutching my photo of Keeley Hawe's bob off Spooks (I'm a big dork!). The stylists hairstyles weren't quite up my line. A whole lot of jagged hair and unnatural dye (Okie punk), but I was determined. Life hadn't gone the way I had wanted it to, and I needed a change. Short hair would give me power!
Away went my long locks. I had a slight case of Victoria Beckham dog ears, but overall not bad. I discovered I loved having short hair. I also loved the feeling of having a new hairstyle. You're modern and updated and ready to take over the world.
And then I told my regular hairstyles, to take it shorter however Hairshe wanted. I totally had a shaggy pixie. If I styled it and myself right, it was cool and cute. But on dumpy days, it could totally look like mom hair. Yuck. So back to the bob I went, and I have been bobbed ever since.
The urge is hitting again though. I killed it the other day by looking at the prices of salons in Manhattan. They will cut your hair in exchange for your firstborn child. Ouch! But I am still so tempted. It's about time for a trim anyways....


  1. I'm in the opposite boat. I'm trying to grow it out. It's painful. My hair is so darn thick and heavy! I like how it looks long though so here I sit, growing... and growing... I need to find some sort of product to keep it under control (less Hermione-ish). Oh hair... so challenging!

  2. I wish there was some magic hair pill that would make hair behave. Or we could all just shave it off like Brittany! Or not.