Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Advice From Ted Danson

When one is feeling down and out (because one is unemployed and lives in Jersey), what does one really need (besides to stop referring to yourself as "one")? You need life advice from Ted Danson.
Who else would give the most awesome advice with a smirk? (Well, maybe Bill Murray if you let him toke up first).
I don't know why, but I really love good old Ted. Maybe it was all the Becker watching with my Mom, the late night Cheers watching in high school, Damages, or my ex's fascination with Bored to Death. All four of them are admittedly awesome. Even in Hallmark's version of Gulliver's Travels (watched in high school English, not by choice), I still want to hang out with Ted Danson. Because he is awesome. I can't say it enough. Ted Danson is awesome. (And probably really crazy)
On one episode Bored to Death, he gives Zach Galifianakis' character suprisingly profound advice about the highs and lows in life. Of course, they were probably toking up in a car when he said it. Sometimes the best life philosophies come from the oddest places.
Other people I would like to recieve life advice (profound or otherwise):
1. Carol Channing- "Rasberries!" Oh yeah. And she never dies. Which is sweet.
2. Bill Murray- He's awesome. Like Ted. (Also probably crazy)
3. Elaine Stritch- I would probably be terrified, but it would be really cool. I would bring her whiskey as a peace offering. :)
4. Emma Thompson- She rocks at everything she puts her hands to.
5. Jeremy Irons- He would just sound cool saying it.
6. James Earl Jones- Everything that comes from that voice just sounds profound. He could probably tell me to "always eat chocolate", and it would sound better than any religious text. And I will always eat chocolate.
7. Martin McDonagh- His advice would probably be perversely profound and involve as much blood and saying of "feck" as possible.
8. Kelsey Grammer- As long as I'm admitting a love to cheesy sitcoms, I adored him on Cheers and in Frasier. Double advice meeting with him and David Hyde Pierce? Yes please!
9. Chita Rivera- She can still kick herself in the face, and she's how old? She must have wisdom to share!
10. Paul Taylor- I love his dances. His autobiography is so wonderful. And boy, is he a character.
11. Twyla Tharp- Terrifying. But at the same time, she has been up and down so often. Her books have such good advice and wisdom for young artist. Even if she did attempt a Bob Dylan musical....Yeah. (There are clips on youtube. Sooooo bad) But she took risks and lived her life. Respect!
12. Julia Childs- Another awesome voice. :) She did something amazing for the time and place she was in, plus she used a lot of butter. (Paula Dean I want to drink with. That's a list for another day.)
13. Meryl Streep- She's an acting goddess. Plus she reminds me of my college acting prof. So it would be like getting advice from my college "Mom" again. :)
A round baker's dozen. It's an odd mix from an odd duck. But I think it wuold be a great and diverse amount of awesome (like Ted Danson) wisdom.
Tom- Norwegian cruise lines and "A Christmas Carol" ECC for a theatre in Arkansas. Let's do this!

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