Friday, September 23, 2011

Experimental Martinis, Mary Kay, and Missed Opportunities

So, I've been vaguely ashamed of what happened on Thursday and haven't written about it. It wasn't even that bad, but the Catholic guilt settles in. (Funny when put into the context of "Sister Act" auditions)
I overslept. I set my alarm for 6:16 pm. Not what I meant to do at all. I woke up at 8:30ish as the sun crept into my room. Sleepily stretching, I thought about how bright it was. And then panicked. It was too late to possibly try and get into the city for a 10 am call. Especially since it was an equity chorus call, and I am a sad little non equity bunny.
Lesson learned: An opportunity missed is way more painful than an opportunity that didn't go as planned. While I didn't exactly perform brilliantly at the Billy Elliot Equity chorus call, I was there and learning. Which is better than being snuggled up in a pile of giraffe print pillows with my stuffed Revile and then kicking myself in the face after the fact. (I did that once in college and it hurt much more than kicking myself in the butt. I change the phrase to the more painful option.) A missed opportunity is much worse than a mangled one. Lesson learned.
One of the weirdest things about working from home (to a certain degree) is how much time I spend in slippers. I love slippers. I have two pairs of worn down slippers and recently threw out my third pair that looked super sad. Sitting at home, looking for auditions and other part time jobs that my long history of theatre and dance teaching actually qualify me for, I find myself living in slippers. I am dressed in real clothes with makeup and sometimes even my hair done, but inevitably, I am shuffling my slippers across the wood floors of my apartment. Can I write my slippers off as a business expense on my taxes? I am sorely tempted...I must ask the less black and white of my two cousins that are certified CPAs. One of them is more likely to see the gray in the situation...;)
My mother's friend Cindy (mother of my two little bros' friends and Mary Kay lady extradonaire) has been talking to me about the possibility of Mary Kay lady-ing to pay my bills. When she and her hubby were in Manhattan last weekend, they took me out to brunch and coffee. ( Weekends you do not eat lunch in Manhattan. Brunch is you're only awesomely french toasty option.) And she totally made sure we talked about Mary Kay so she could write brunch off as a business expense. Now that I am not a dependent on my parent's taxes, I have to keep track of my audition mileage, clothing, mass transit fares and such. Cindy is a master of finding ways to "make it work." She could teach Tim Gunn a thing or two. So I must bow down at the alter of thriftie-ness that is Cindy. Learn from the master how to minimize my taxes. :)
The Mary Kay thing is a possibility to help pay the bills, but I am hesitant to add another stay at home job to my work load. My biggest fear about using another stay at home job as a bill payer is being able to turn it off. I already stay up too late on Actor's Access and Backstage hoping something perfect will pop up. (Ballet dancing teenagers?) I have a hard time turning it off. Two stay at home jobs could make me into a crazed, never sleeping, slipper wearing nut case. Oh wait. That's been me for most of my life. :)
One weird things about Jersey is that the drinks are so much different than they were in the southwest. Both in Texas (land of my birth and growing up) and Oklahoma (land of my college degree), there was always a pretty good stash of whiskey at any liquor store you walked into. My Scotch-Irish daddy raised me on good Scotch, and from my Southern Mamma, I got a love of tastey bourbon. Now I live in Jersey, and there is not much whiskey or tequila (a Texas standard), but there is tons of infused and flavored vodka. Which is a whole new world.
I have my Maker's Mark, but my Famous Grouse is nowhere to be found. With two liquor stores on my block, it feels absurd to drive anywhere for cheap but tastey Scotch. I guess I should request it at the liquor store, but haven't yet. (Do liquor stores have inter branch exchanges like libraries?)
Instead, there is this whole new world of weird vodkas. And ginger is one of them. I love ginger. I have ginger candy, ginger root, andy everything else ginger. I don't know why, but it is one of my favorite flavors. It's just perfect in the sweet and savory department. So of course the first infused vodka I picked up was ginger infused vodka. And it is amazing.
Having watched too many episodes of Three Sheets (look it up. Comedian drinks with locals in foreign countries. It's awesome), I knew that to infuse vodka, one had to merely let the infusing ingredient sit in your vodka. Which is not hard at all! So why pay for it? Why not try to do it myself?
Lo and behold, the purest possible infuser (Shakespeare makes up words and I can too!) in my apartment was peanut butter. After a quick google to see if this wasn't horribly crazy, I set about infusing the wonderfully cheap and sadly Swedish (Caitlin, it is not true Russian!) vodka in my freezer with peanut butter. I see Reese's martinis in my future! I will let you know how they turn out. :)
Tom- I audition for a carol singing group that hits both Jersey and NY. Plus it is totally auditioning out of my town! The Holly and the Ivy are ready to go! (And they would really like to be employed!)

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