Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pan Am and Pumpkin Cookies

ABC gave Christina Ricci my hair cut and color in Pan Am. If only our eyes were the same color. Then I could totally play her younger sister! (And I would actually be taller than her!)

I keep submitting myself to do background work on the show, and they don't ever use me. I've decided it's not because of my total lack of film experience (a 24 hour student film, a bad film class I dropped senior year, and two workshops), it's just I look too much like Christina! (Pipe dream!)
The pilot for the show was ludicrous, but so much fun! Not Mad Men-esque at all. Super cheesey. It was more like something actually made in the 60's. Which is cool.
I made super awesome pumpkin cookies today. My roomie totally sent me a link to tons of pumpkin recipes whike she was at work. Was she trying to kick the German baker genes into overdrive? I don't really mind that much.....cause they are sooooo good! Here is the recipe and a pic of mine. I spiced them up a wee bit more and added vanilla to the frosting. Plus I used hot frosting to get that fun texture!

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