Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Someday My Prince Will Come...If He Hasn't Joined the Hare Krishnas.

So the auditions for the haunted house were down in the lower east side. The first thing I noticed walking into the space was that all the monitors were clearly straight men. And not just straight men. They were DUDES. I have become very accustomed to gay man, ladies, and laducas. Culture shock anyone?
I got there good and early, so I was in the first group of ten. They took us down a hallway to wait. None of us had any earthly idea what to expect. Then the bells and the chanting began. And they kept going. And going. And going.
We didn't know where they were coming from, but soon they started taking us one by one into the studio. And whatever improves were going on, they all seemed to involve screaming. Screaming, bells, and eerie chanting were all mingling together in the hallway. And it was creepy.
I's dumb, but I really never liked haunted houses. I am totally cool with physical things that scare me (roller coasters and such). In fact I love them and keep going back. But when it involves scaring your imagination, I get really chicken. My overactive imagination kicks into overdrive, and I flip out.
So I know this is a legit job. They had a website with links to real newspaper articles. But the whole chanting, bells, and screaming thing is making me a little nervous. A new variety of audition nerves.
When it's finally my turn, I head on in. The chanting isn't coming from the studio. It's next door. And it's Hare Khrishnas. To quote my mum's favorite muppet joke- which totally popped right into my head at this moment- "Lost? Try Hare Krishna."
Back in the audition studio, it's a table full of more DUDEs that just accept the Hare Krishnas with resigned smiles. They have me improvise sweet little Snow White getting revenge on the evil (drag) queen. (He was the big screamer). Sweet little girl getting revenge- very southern. Right up my alley. It was fun. I went home. New experience. New story. An excuse to wear red lipstick in public. The audition wasn't really that exciting after I had let my imagination run away in the hallway. My imaginings were way more intense!
Afterwards, I met Stahcey in Manhattan for Falafel. It was so good to see a good friend after so long. May it be the first of many falafel meetings!
Tom- "Sister Act" dance ECC. Hopefully they will see me. I'm going to swap out my sapphire for my St. Cecilia medal just in case....:)


  1. Well it seems like life is definitely keeping you on your toes! What a funny story. So how exactly does one improvise Snow White getting revenge on the evil queen? You'd make a lovely Snow White; you're so pale (like me). Hehe

  2. Pale people are awesome! We would so have been in fashion 200 years ago. :) I don't remember much of it. It was more catty than anything. Scarlet O'Hara revenge-esque?