Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

So. I had my first equity auditions in New York today. Which means I waited. A. Lot. But I got into both calls.
I was in over my head with the Billy Elliot. My tap combo-my hoofing skills are rusty and have been unchallenged for way too long! White Christmas-my last tap call-was right up my high heeled tappped, pincurled hair, and perky little red lips. This was not. It was hardcore and gave most of the auditioners trouble. I didn't do too bad for a green girl! And now I have something to work on.
Then off to Hairspray, which was a brightly colored zoo. They saw all of us-the union girls and the 70 nonunion girls. They threw a teeny bit at us, typed, and cut. They were keeping really sweet and fresh faced girls. I danced it well but I wasn't what they were looking for. I did all I could do. No regrets. Just pumpkin spice lattes!
Tom- Stiletto Entertainment. Last time I auditoned for a cruise line, I ended up the shortest girl in the room. Hurrah for Shorties! Bring it on world. I'm taking all I can get. :-) (And now my nails are green as well!)

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