Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Bunny-Stache!

Norwegian was a cruise line audition. (See prior blog post on cruise lines) The choreography was what I like to call "slut cheese." No callback. No biggie.
The Christmas Carol ECCs were an adventure. Went straight from Norwegian across the hall (love it when auditions are in the same building!). And I waited. They didn't see us with the singers and told us a little after noon to come back for the dance call. At 4. I live in Jersey, so going home for a bit is not an option. What to do?
I went to class. Broadway Dance Center is starting a series of B'way rep classses, which is awesome. That way, when you audition for these shows you have done the movement. And quite possibly, you've danced the audition combo. (Score!) Today: "The Adam's Family." Why not?
The crowd in the class was on the young side, but it was super fun. Liz Ramos the original dance Captain taught it. Loved her! She has super fierce hair. I was jealous. (And she's from Texas!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ini6m__QkaU This is shortened on the dance. But it still has the bunny hop. She's the Indian princess. :) None of the movement was horribly hard, but it was fast and stylized and super character driven. Being dead is so much fun! (At least it is in musical theatre) I had a grand old time, then dragged my sweaty and happy self back to Ripley Griers.
And they saw us! And they kept me when they made cuts. They didn't ask to sing, but small victories! I went in, stood front and center as it was taught. I can book this job! Now I just need to work on picking up the movement exactly. Had a grand old time doing it. And that is enough for me!
The train ride home was a little rough. Power outages in New Jersey lad to massive delays. My train was on time (win!) but it was the first train to make it out to Jersey in over two hours. And it was packed. Plus the delays on the track made it take an hour instead of half an hour.
Back home after my 12 hour adventure, I skyped with dear old Katie. Latest development in dumb stuff on the internet- Bunny staches! (and yes, we do have matching bunnies!) Don't plank. Bunny-stache! (I doubt this will catch on)
Tom- Volleygirls (a new musical). We shall see how this goes. Tired bunny out and crawling into bed!

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  1. I've never ceased to be impressed with your overwhelming optimism and enthusiasm! It's so wonderful that you're having a blast with all these auditions! I'm afraid I might get frustrated after a while, the waiting the wanting the wondering etc. I'm so excited for you and all the possibilities though!