Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christmas Carols, Models, and Donut Holes! (You can just guess which one of those three I prefer)

Christmas caroling was fun. They were super nice and seemed interested. We shall see what happens. That could totally help delay me getting a "real job." I don't like real jobs.
Weird of weird things. There was a girl on the list ahead of me who I had danced with as a kid. She had already sung and gone, but it was still super weird. Weirder yet, I went and looked her up when I get home. She apparently had been a semi finalist on America's Next Top Model a while back. She didn't make it into the house, but that's still crazy! Crazier yet, I subbed her little sis's (little being age not height. Even then she towered) tap class, and she is totally a hardcore runway model now. What? I worked on her time steps not so long ago!
I totally was a bum and did some new tv catch up. (I may not have cable, but there is always Hulu!). I'm not sure how I feel about new boss Andy (though I do love Andy), but I loooooved Dwight's anti-planking patrol. The fire extinguisher was truly inspired. Plus John Goodman was on Community. And he makes everything a win. :)
I need to save money, so I can see "The Seminar" (Alan Rickman), "Venus in Furs" (Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancey!), Follies, and Hugh Jackman's one man show when they come about, but I have this horrible urge to see "Priscilla" again. It's the theatrical equivalent of eating donut holes, but when they are fresh, tastey, and made just right they can be soooooo good! (Even if they did not have assless chaps like they did in the West End staging. Or at least that's what my friend Jonathan claimed...) Soooo sparkley. I'm the addict reaching towards the sparkles, laducas, and fiercely beveled feet. Maybe I can scrimp on something or find super cheap tickets. We shall see..... :)
(And I prefer the donut holes.)

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