Monday, March 12, 2012

Catch Up!

I have been a bad blogger! My parents came into town for a week. They watched a weekends worth of shows, pooled and beached it up (with some delish mojitos), an then went to Disney world. I pounded the pavement with them on my days off, then headed back to work as they headed off to Epcot. I came back to Cockneyland with sore joints, a big smile, and a stuffed piglet. I am five years old.
Actually running a show is never as eventful as rehearsals or auditions. Moments are gelling and expanding. There becomes a groove to the show. You work it and the audience, take off your granny boots, have a beer (I hear people yap about beer through the entire show. It make me want it. Like when they made bacon for Hay Fever. And of course I didn't actually get to eat the bacon.), and then I go to bed. Cause I am a little old lady. Hot to dies and a book to lull me asleep.
Last night, I had a cricket friend outside my door who wouldn't shut up. Earplugs took me back to old lady sleep land quite happily. Take that Jiminy! Today one of our crew of crazy old ladies has invited us all over for a pool party. I'm debating making sangria.... :-) Yum

Welcome to my castle. The hills are alive....I am a big dork.

Mum and I. Old lady hats on it's a small world. Hells yeah!

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