Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dancing with Technology

I have lots of video footage of me dancing. And none of me singing. So when I got an email from a producer asking for both, I knew it was time to wrangle with technology again. The possibility of a 600 dollar a week tour salary made me believe I could!
I only brought my tablet to FL. Previously, my tablet has largely been used for:
1. Reading dirty books wherever my gigs may take me.
2. Looking up my favorite cookie recipes. They take up a huge chunk of my bookmarks.
3. Submitting for jobs while waiting on trains.
4. Doing dumb things to pictures in the name of humor.
5. Crosswords!
6. Words with friends.
7. Playing Stupid Zombies, Office Jerk, and Angry Birds. Or whatever dumb game comes up next.
8. Tunes.
9. Attack of the Cute. The dangers of cute animal pictures!
So, I had no idea how to what I needed to do. Due to scarey wig hair and Cockney dirt related break outs (my face doesn't agree with taking it on and off and on and off), I decided audio was the way to go. Expiramenting with karaoke tracks, free recorders, and free editors, I eventually had three solid minutes of "Someone to Watch Over Me." It's still a little gheddo, but better than nothing. Hopefully it could lead to another audition and a gig. But even if it doesn't, I conquered technology today!

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  1. Bravo! I know that's not an easy feat! I took a Dance & Technology course in college but I still feel overwhelmed when I deal with it.