Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye Florida. Hello New York and Pants.

In a whirlwind of cartwheels and cockneys, My Fair Lady closed. While part of me is ready to move on, a huge part of me wants to continue My Fair Ladying. It was one of my favorite shows as as a kid, and it was with a great group of people. Between the shows popularity and my Englishness, I am sure we will cross paths again. Please let it be soon! (Plus sweating through those heavy costumes keeps me skinny!)
Special thanks to everyone at the Broward Stage Door especially Michael Leeds, Dave Campbell, Dee Bunn, and Dave Torres. I had a blast! :-) Here's to hoping it's the start of "a beautiful friendship" (Casablanca style minus the Nazis). I will miss you all. And the beach.
I'm back in New Jersey after a quick visit to my parents. I had to wear pants and a jacket today instead of a sundress. I'm not used to the cold anymore. Even checking the weather, I underestimated the cold. Shivering away my Blue Bell ice cream? Not how I planned on working it off.
Hit the Catch me If You Can call today. They typed us out by having us "ooze" sexily to some perky sixties music. I refrained from asking whether they wanted whips and xhains or playboy bunnies. I just went with being myself. It was actually pretty funny to watch. Which I went smiley through my oozing. Laugh while you can. Bad attempts at porn by Musical Theatre ladies. Where were the straight men at this moment? Where was my flip camera? Too bad my slow motion shimmies didn't type me in! (Just the thought of attempting slow motion shimmies makes me giggle!)
The grind stone continues tom. La Cage and Jekyll and Hyde tour ECCs to hit up tom. Two shows that I could play in the right production. The big question is if this is the right production. Right now I am in good shape vocally and physically. Hopefully, I can book something now when I am skinny and fierce!
Me pretending to do My Fair Lady in Jr. High. The Christmas tree just makes it better! :-)

My reality at 22. Trapped in the Cockey closet!

Everybody ought to have a maid...

Titanic moments! Why didn't James Cameron use us? (My wildly unflattering dress probably turned him away. If only it had been tailored!)

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