Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Granny Boots or Too Good To Be True!

I wasn't seen at Jekyl and Hyde yesterday. It bummed me out at the time, but I'm starting to get my old NY callouses back. Bit by bit. Missed out on some background work because I still had my phone on silent. Worked in Florid,, but gotta turn all that noise back on in NY. Getting back in the groove.
It always helps when you see an audition notice up that tickles you. Houston Grand Opera is looking for local hires for Showboat. They want three white couples and one black couple to dance, plus Frank, Ellie, and their under studies. While I could very possibly be a Broward Stage Door Ellie, I am def not an HGO Nellie. I can't wait to get my dance shoes on and go audition. Reasons it would be amazing to book:
1. I'd be home for Christmas while working. Money to buy presents, possibility of making at least a few of our five million family Christmas shindigs, and avoidance of snow.
2. It's a Co production between four opera companies and is huge. Costumes, sets, and everything are just phenomenal.
3. Pay is triple what some theatres pay Equity members. And that is just for your chorus kids. Two months of that please!
4. The Wortham. The stage is gorgeous. The dressing rooms are huge and fabulous and have locks on the door.
5. Showboat is fierce and it would be amazing to do it with an insane production budget. Broward's will have heart, but not this kind of splash and coin behind it.
6. Full orchestra. I've never worked with one. I've generally had a "band." While I love band guys (they are always the best crowd at post show parties), a full orchestra is such a rarity nowadays. Just to do it once would be phenomenal.
7. Red can can boots. I saw this picture from Chicago Light Opera of the production. Costumes are Fab and those shoes are a dream. And that's right where I fit in! Red granny boots. Sooooooo pretty! (I also miss my crummy granny boots from MFL. If I could always book shows with granny boots, I would be in a dream!)

There is my current pipe dream. Hopefully it works out. If not, there will be another audition posted in a few weeks that will also make me squeal. :-)

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