Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in the Thick Of It

I have been busy as a bee. Well, a bee who underestimates the temperature in New York on a regular basis. Sweaters have not been enough of late.tyI wrote this yesterday at about 11 am. Little did I know it was only the beginning of a very long day.
"Monday Morning, Not so Good To Me"
0 for 2 before 11 am. I am back in New York and suffering from culture shock.
Florida has more New Yorkers than New York does, but they are all retired. And move much slower. The city is full of tourists and bustling. I keep tripping over tour groups.
I checked audition update this morning when I got up at 7. They we already several hundred people at the Addams Family call. So I slept twenty more minutes and went to an ECC for Legally Blonde and Oliver. They typed me out by my head shot, so I ran ten blocks to find the list closed ofr Addams Family. So I am currently on a coffee and breakfast break. Got to get my New York calluses back.
On a perkier note, I have run into people I know all over the place. I am a part of this crazy group of renegades and goofballs. Hurrah! Ready to get running again. (And I am lusting after my HGO appointment in a few weeks) Crossing my fingers I get to dance or sing somewhere!"
Soon after, I got a phone call from Central Casting for some extra work. Not quite being on my New York game (still on the beach!), I said yes. I didn't figure out somewhere to crash if we ran to late. So of course we were.
Luckily, it was one of the sweetest and most relaxed crews I've ever seen (especially for a movie set), and the PA handling the extras managed to get me out of Brooklyn on the last train.
I crawled into my bed a little after 2 in the morning, woke up again in 6 hours, showered the pomade out of my hair (hate it when makeup people put it in my hair!), and went right back to the city. And to the zoo that was the West Side Story call. I got kept to dance again but didn't get kept to sing. Not too bad. Back home and washed out after the past two days. A glass of wine and a crumble in the oven. And an early bed time.
Tom I plan on joining the earlybirds. I want to hit up the Anybodys call after hitting a summerstock call for Gateway Playhouse. Their season includes My Fair Lady. Which sounds quite familiar. Keeping my fingers crossed!They called back several of my favorite beaching singers! :)

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