Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If You Can Can Can

Came down to Houston for Showboat auditions. It went week. She kept me to the end. I killed the can can and did well on the ballet. If I don't book it, it won't be because of anything I did. Getting an Ellie and an Ellie cover is going to be a little rough out of who was at that call. That is where the real work for the casting will be.
I didn't run into as many people as I thought I would. There were a lot of new and very young faces. A girl I went to high school with was there. As the dancers don't have to sing, she and several others there were not musical theatre kids. She went to school at the University of Alabama and I ran into her ACDFA a few years ago. Her technique is beautiful, but like most of the dancers I see coming out of that program, the soul and the feeling isn't quite there. Addie, who I just did MFL with, came out of OKCU as a dancer. As crazy as the program is there, Addie is a beautiful example of combining the acting with the technique. With really fierce hair and a very sweet person to wrap it all up in. Shannon is also very sweet and very technically strong, but the emotion just isn't there. There is almost a slight sadness at dancing peeking thru her smile that never changes. The need to dance that has to be there in musical theatre is never really there. You sing when you too enthused to speak and when you can no longer sing about it, you move up that escalator of emotion and dance.
It was nice to back in the Wortham and learn a good chunk of new material. Waltzing and can canning are both fun and easy for me. I can canned for Jesus (anyone who knows me knows that this is the kind of hokey nonsense I excel at. And I werked it!) and now I move onto the next thing.
After last week being so slow, it's heating back up in the city. Lots of auditions to go to. Hurrah! There is nothing more panicking that not knowing what is coming next and having an empty planner. I like it to be chock full of dances to learn and songs to sing!

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  1. Can Can for Jesus! Ha! Yes, thank goodness the auditions are picking up again. I was starting to get bored :)