Monday, April 9, 2012

A Rough Road (Literally) Into Robert Goulet Day!

My Robert Goulet day ended being a much needed. Sunday was a day of days.
Saturday, however, was fabulous. It was lazy, then I met a few Texas friends up for some coffee in the city. It was fabulous to meet up with old friends and make a few new ones. Plus Texas chocolate from Troy!
Sunday was an adventure as I ony I can manage to have them. I had done my minor Easter celebrations the night before and was ready to work. As Princess Fiona. I was driving thru Manhattan and pick in people up, which is never fun. The potholes in Jersey City made it even more fun.
There is always a debate when driving thru Manhattan from Jersey. Lincoln Tunnel more tolls and traffic. Holland Tunnel-fewer tolls, less waiting, and ganky roads in Jersey City. With the Easter Bonnet parade and the holiday, I went for the Holland Tunnel. Less than five minutes from the Tunnel, I hit a massive pothole. I have hit it before, but this time, it won. My tire was completely blown.
Pulled over at a BP, with panick fluttering in my chest. Luckily, one of the gas station attendants was able to help me out, so my flat got replaced by my spare fairly quickly. Back on the road and onto work.
My garden angel must be a Latin American man. Louis the PA and Pablo the gas station attendant both saved me from possible tears and rough moments this week. Sending thanks to them both! (Though I am sure neither of them will ever find uthi. And I did give Pablo a homemade cupcake. Yum!)
The gig was all right. The dress was fixable with safety pins. The Beyonce wig looked more Fiona like once it was braided. And Shrek, Donkey, and I only made a few kids cry. (I had one little boy who was enamored and will be writing an invitation for me to come visit his house. Though I didn't quite give him an address beyond Far Far Away. Does the postman deliver there?)

Minus my Burger King crown. The wig is also Chezzam's Beyonce wig. Why it doubles this way, I do not know.
I crashed early after my 12 hour day. Onto a new audition. A theatre looking for resident interns for the fall for Rocky, Zelda, Almost Maine, and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. I sang my cut well, casting director Tara Rubin liked my dress, and I didn't fit what they were looking for. One win for the clothes horse! No callback. But I did paint my fingernails Smurf blue when I got home!
Robert Goulet Day for the win! Nothing perks up your spirits like some cheesey stache action. May it always be there when I need it! :-)
Sunrise, Sunset via older Goulet. Thanks to my co-founder! Nixon and Chilton are at it again. Who knows what holiday we will make up next?

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