Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Best Laid Plans....

I was hoping for another My Fair Lady. They were looking for Cats not not cockneys. Type out! Still jobless for the summer. Balzac.
I'm working on Chezzam gig on Sunday. I found out today it is the only Chezzam gig booked for April. So. Let the job hunting begin. I've got several leads. I will enjoy my Sunday as Princess Fiona (wearing flats and hanging out with Donkey, Shrek, and rich kids on Long Island!l and then start the hunt. I always have possibilities in Houston for temporary summer work.
I did my taxes this evening. Three hours of fun. I am now completely fried and drinking wine. So not much writing for me tonite! Actually, considering all that, I have written a lot. Happy taxes to us all!

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