Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reel-y Bad Jokes :)

I have spent the last three days working on a stronger demo reel. Which means I have:
1. Rarely left my apartment.
2. Not put on makeup or one my hair. (A rarity for me.Though I did shower daily.)
3. Spent enough time on the computer to make a gamer jealous. (And it was all for work. Hahaha)
4. Lived off a diet of black coffee, cinnamon raisin toast, and clearance Easter candy. (Blue tongue with the robin's eggs y'all!)
5. Have sworn. Alot. Technology does that to me (Especially because I am bad about installing the five million updates. Which apparently were needed for me to use real movie editing software and not just youtube video editor. Balzac.)
6. Have started referring to software updates as Sherpas. I do not want Sherpas, but Windows makes me hire them. (Apologies to any real Sherpas. I am imagining Terry Pratchett-esque Sherpas running around in my computer. Please do not be offended. It's like my version of smurfs. Or sock gnomes.)
7. Put on a variety of old lady hats to see if they help me think. Conclusion: the tiara just helps me twirl and the cloche hats make me want to Charleston. My Grandmother's yellow pillbox with the big bow is my best bet.
8. Thought long and hard about how much of a throwback I am. No freestyle hip hop or so you think you can dance action in any of my videos. (Well. Slight so you think you can dance.)
9. Realized I have lots of crooked picture frames on the wall. Though the Hay Fever one looks a little drunk. Which is highly appropriate.
10. Sat in a variety of really unlady-like positions while wearing a dress. (I'm alone and being a lady is uncomfortable. And a moot point after this list.)
So now I have a new reel and a growing desire to hit any downloading, exporting, importing, or whatever else computers make you wait for in slow moving bars. They really make me feel slightly homocidial. And Robin's Eggs are making me sick. Maybe this isn't that abnormal for me. Minus the no lipstick of course! Frightening thought.
Here it is!

And how do I feel? Like 'zis!

Please excuse my French and the large amounts of awful jokes in this post! (Including and especially that last one.)

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  1. Great demo! I've been putting off re-doing mine for ages....That's a great idea, having your own singing as a soundtrack.