Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking Foward To The First Ever Robert Goulet Day! (Mon April 9)

Got seen at a Legally Blonde ECC today. It wasn't my best moment but
1. I got seen.
2. I retained a big chunk of new choreo since the first time since my return to New York.
3. I always make new friends at calls that include this show. Or run into old ones. Good vibes and good times.
4. I wore a pink flower bow in my hair. Which is always a good thing.
No callback, but no shame. I know I always feel better in old school MT auditions. Legally Blonde has rampant of late, but I really just want a 42nd Street or a My Fair Lady. I'm a throwback, which isn't always a bad thing.
On a very different, grand, and cheesy note, one of my old college roomies and I are declaring a new holiday to help us keep our sanity. This Monday, April 9, 2012, is the first ever Robert Goulet day. Put on your mustache and proclaim "C'est Moi!" Loudly and proudly. Celebrate the swarthy cheesiness of one of my favorite golden age hunks. (And send me a picture of your stash wearing self!)
One of my fav Goulet videos. Go down the YouTube blackhole of Goulet and enjoy these gems!
Young Goulet making hearts melt in Kiss Me Kate.
Older Goulet with Dame Shirley Bassey (tee hee hee) with extreme cheesiness.
If you deal with Rex Harrison, look who you get next. Just you wait Henry Higgins! I found a better one than Freddy. ;)

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