Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video Round Up

Slow no audition day. Feeling under the weather but I was still productive. Just not with the laundry. I got my Showboat contract. Joining AGMA! It's signed and heading back in the mail for the last set of signatures. I'm a big person now! Edited up a choreo reel. Decided to leave my two favorite Kids on Stage dances off of it. They are on my website, just not the reel. The magic of Bananaphone is lost without their piping little off key voices. Plus, it's such a unique project (choreographed with the kids in two weeks. A vast undertaking with 6 year olds. And teenagers.) I seem to edit my website much like I clean out my closet. Throw a little out. Come back a few weeks later and edit again. Or throw out a stained t-shirt. Whichever I happen to be doing. :) And if you haven't stalked my website far enough to see this (I wouldn't have), this is precious! Kisses! And a happy almost friday to all. :*

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